The Golden Slippers

Here we go, my first actual DIY post!

Do you ever have to go to dress up parties, comic-cons orĀ the like? Would you enjoy owning your very own pair of the ruby slippers? Well, I’m sorry that I haven’t made these in red as yet, (keep posted, it’s in the works.) but I have made them in gold. Twice. So how and why did I make them, you ask?

While I was attending university for Music Theatre, I got into the backstage aspects of theatre. I was lucky enough to get to work with an amazing designer, Adrienne to help put on some amazing shows. Our final show together was Into the Woods, in which I also played Jack’s Mum.

Enough backstory. Here’s how I created the one and only ‘slippers as pure as gold’. And when I say ‘one and only’, this is the second pair I’ve made. So here’s how they were made.

What you will need:

WARNING: You may want to do this outside. Unless you’re like me and you enjoy finding glitter around your house for years to come.


  1. Make sure shoes are free from any dust, lace or glue. The smoother the surface, the better the outcome will be
  2. Begin by sticking the pieces of mirror on the shoes. Any pattern will do, it’s the overall effect that people will be looking at.
  3. Make sure you have your newspaper spread out underneath your work space. You need somewhere to catch that all important glitter. In my opinion, it’s too expensive to waste any of it. You can always reuse it by catching the fallout on newspaper!
  4. One shoe at a time, begin by applying the glue directly on to the front section of the shoe. Only use enough glue to ensure the front section is covered. Then, using the brush, spread the glue evenly.
  5. Using the shaker that the glitter comes in, putĀ glitter onto the glue you just applied. enough to cover the glue you just applied.
  6. Shake off excess glitter and ensure even glitter coverage
  7. Continue this around the entire shoe, finishing with the heel.


  • Do this outside to avoid glittering your entire house
  • When spreading and applying the glue, avoid the mirror tiles. We want to keep these as clean as we can.
  • Make sure you keep the mirror tiles clean throughout, this will require cleaning each time you paint around them. The glue and glitter just love the mirror surface, so make sure you give them a good old wipe.
  • You can use a non-industrial strength glue, but it won’t stay on as well when the shoes are worn. I found that I had to reapply and completely re-do the shoes a few times before I found this particular Tarzan’s Grip formula.

I hope this has inspired you to attempt to glitz your own shoes! I know mine don’t exactly look amazing in the photos, but you should see them in person. And on stage, they are magical.

If anyone has any tips, pictures or comments, please leave them below. I’d love to see them.

All the love,

Em xx


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