Responding to Cliff

Ok, Cliff. Simply by reading your name, I assume that you’re a baby boomer. So tell me, Cliff. What was it like having free university education? Because I’m drowning in a HECS debt that I may never pay back because I studied one of those ‘arts degrees etc.’ And it’s not exactly ‘fun’.
I could be wrong, Cliff. You may not have gone to university. Your choice. You may have paid off your debt already with all that money you get from being a lawyer, accountant or whatever you do. Your parents may have even paid off your fees before you graduated.
No matter what your story Cliff, I don’t understand why me wanting to better myself while not being inundated by tens of thousands of dollars in debt is a problem for you. In my opinion, education should be a basic human right. Not one only afforded to those who were lucky enough to be born into favourable circumstances.
Some of us are never going to be able to pay back our HECS as it is. So I don’t see how being in debt to a bank would make this any better for anyone. I don’t know if you quite understand how taxation works, but even those of us who are working to support our study have to pay taxes.
Thanks for your opinion, Cliff. But unless you’re living as a young adult today, you don’t get to tell us that we’re complaining.


This letter is in response to the above submission in the Herald Sun on the 19th of May 2017.

All the love,

Em xx


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