Fancy seeing you here…

Hello everyone!

I realised as I was typing that it sounds like I already have an audience. Which I obviously do not. But that’s ok! Baby steps.

So what makes me qualified to write a blog?

I’ll tell you. Absolutely nothing. I have a degree in Music Theatre? I can type fairly fast? My friends used to ask me to read and edit their essays? I suppose that will work. I once wrote a particularly scathing letter to an ex boyfriend who broke up with me for no good reason? Actually, that was a pretty good one. My friends told me to publish it somewhere, so maybe¬†one day I’ll publish it here. I once got 102 likes on Facebook for a response to a particularly idiotic opinion in the paper? That’s definitely going up at some point.

Any way. I’m not qualified to be giving advice or to be telling you how to do things. The only thing I can do is give my views and opinions on things. So I will! I’m planning on doing some reviews of beauty products, some DIY hints and stories, some theatre reviews, some lifestyle pieces. All in all, I’m pretty excited to have somewhere to put all the stuff in my head and I hope it helps someone else.

If you’re still reading, thanks so much. If you’re not… well, thanks for coming.

I’ll be speaking to you soon, no doubt.

All the love,

Em xx


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